Want/Got # 1

November 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

I like to talk about music, too.

So here’s a new think that’s called Want/Got where I discuss what I wanted from an album and compare it to what I actually got from the album.

The first album I’ll be talking about is Avey Tare’s “Down There.”

My favorite Animal Collective album is “Strawberry Jam” because Avey Tare allowed himself to yelp and holler some really pretty lyrics. Truly moving. Really.

(I don’t get Panda Bear’s solo stuff. “Person Pitch” was, and still is, a mystery to me. Boring.)

I thought in his solo effort, Tare would let it loose and revisit those beautiful vocal abilities. Those melodies. That’s what I wanted. But he decided to hide his voice behind effects and silly dance/trance sounds. He hides it in the mix. It sounds unconfident. Electronic bullfrogs croak and reverb drenched crickets chirp. That’s what I get. The sound of water that has been forced through digital filters. Vocals being sung against an aquarium. We get it. A swamp. But you’re drowning and I want to understand what you’re singing. Where’s the nakedness that we experienced with “Fireworks,” “For Reverend Green,” and “Unsolved Mysteries?”

Oh well. Let’s hope Tare gets to belt like a banshee on the next Animal Collective album because that’s what I want.

Wanted: Naked, loud, melodic, hollering, vivid lyrics.
Got: Drowning, unconfident vocals and tired, unexciting beats and sounds.



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